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Dell Park House - Surrey
Dell Park House - Surrey

Dell Park House - Surrey

This project on the outskirts of the Windsor Great Park spanned over two phases.  Initially, a single storey swimming pool complex with basement gymnasium and study was built, followed by the two storey main house with basement (600 m2) on the plot of the existing house. 


The features of this project include:

- Curved retractable glazed screen to the ground floor living area and first floor master bedroom.

- Cantilevered stone tread staircase and elliptically curved glazed balustrade leading from the living space to the master bedroom.

- Circular painted structural steel staircase with fully glazed balustrade and marble treads.

- Basement cinema to ‘film studio’ standard.

- Sustainability in the form of twin air source heat pumps and a rainwater harvesting system to provide landscaping irrigation.











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