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Damien Hirst Science Production Studio and Art Gallery

World renowned artist Damien Hirst required the creation of a production studio together with viewing and entertainment facilities for his work.  The project required the conversion of three large existing steel portal frame buildings and the construction of a separate new 'Formaldehyde Studio'.


Bay 1: At 17 m high this provides gallery, exhibition and guest areas totalling 3,406 sq m.  This bay includes two, 17 m high reinforced concrete walls in order to be able to hang large pieces of artwork from the walls.


Bays 2 and 3: These bays totalling 4,946 sq m provide production, office and storage space.  The exterior facade of these is 'Trimo' clad with uniquely coloured aluminium 'Falzonal' finish.


The 'Formaldehyde Studio': A completely new building was designed to provide a clean and controlled working environment.  The outer skin of the exterior cavity wall is made of striking glazed white pistol bricks with 4 mm mortar joints.










Damien Hirst 

Dudbridge - Gloucestershire

QS - Post Contract


Management Contracting 




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