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Virginia Water Visitor's Pavilion
Virginia Water Visitor's Pavilion

Virginia Water Visitor's Pavilion

This project sought to provide much needed facilities to one of the most popular areas of the Windsor Great Park.


Such a scenic landscape required a similarly striking and beautiful design.  To achieve this the client issued the project’s design for tender, which was won by award-winning architect Stanton Williams.


The result is a stunning landmark which welcomes visitors to Virginia Water Lakes.  The large external canopies form 'picture like' frames of the main lake, and the building gives an exciting focal point for visitors to the area.


Some notable features of this project include:

- Over 95% of the timber used is locally sourced from within the Crown Estate.

- Most of the building’s power is generated from photovoltaic panels.

- Rainwater is harvested from the roof for flushing toilets and local watering.

- Sustainable air source heat pump provides hot water and background heating.












The Crown Estate 


Virginia Water - Surrey

QS - Full Service


Design & Build 



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