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Royal Holloway Chapel Lighting
Royal Holloway Chapel Lighting

Royal Holloway Chapel Lighting

The Founders’ Building, built in the late 19th century is the original building of Royal Holloway University.  Its chapel is one of the most striking rooms in this Grade I listed building.  However, the existing lighting offered little to highlight the outstanding beauty of the hand painted walls and ceilings.  Further, it afforded little assistance to those reading during the many concerts, ceremonies and events held in the room.


This scheme was carefully thought through to be sensitive to its surroundings with the following methods being employed:

- Light fittings were sprayed to match closely with the gold painting to the chapel.

- All cabling was hidden in similarly coloured trunking.

- All fittings were stuck down rather than drilled.

- LED technology does not omit UV light; therefore, eliminating any risk of discolouration to the painting in the chapel.












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