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Our Lady of Lourdes - Thames Ditton
Our Lady of Lourdes - Thames Ditton

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

The existing church facilities lacked a communal entrance area leading to the nave and the internal lighting and furnishings required upgrading.


The resultant refurbishment and extension used low energy LED feature lighting and the introduction of ‘Dalle de Verre’ stained glass panels salvaged from St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Whyteflete.  This feature, approximately 9 m in length and 3.5 m high was assembled using a curtain walling framing system. This dominates the entrance area with a rich and unique light which leaves all in no doubt that you are about to enter a house of God.


This entrance, the LED lighting and striking decoration, together with a new sanctuary platform and altar, create a warm atmosphere and are a significant improvement to the Parish community.












Trustees of the Parish of 

Thames Ditton

Thames Ditton - Surrey  


QS - Full Service 





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