Brunel University Indoor Athletics Centre and Netball Hall

These two landmark buildings on the Brunel University Uxbridge Campus are a major part of the University's investment programme to continue its tradition of sporting excellence.


The striking features of the buildings are the curved, profiled metal roofs and the externally expressed 'wishbone' columns supporting the specially curved steel arch beams.  The gable ends are part clad with triple layer, translucent, pneumatic cushion panels similar to the Eden Project.


The indoor facilities are used for all sports; although, a heavy focus has been placed on indoor training for track and field athletics by incorporating a 100 m straight for sprints and hurdles, as well as full jump provision and cages for refining throwing disciplines. In addition, there is a 'Strength & Conditioning Suite' together with a facility for sports science and medicine in support of elite athletes.  The netball hall also provides international facilities for basketball, volleyball and badminton.












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